CHARLES TOWN – Adie Amore and Bailey Miller have been keys to the Patriot girls soccer program’s  success over the last four years, and now they’ve committed to their new homes for the next four years.

New York’s Division III Vassar College is Amore’s choice, and she’ll take the field as a Brewer this fall.

“The academics are incredible, and I really liked the programs and style of learning they offered when I visited in September,” Amore said. “Soccer obviously was something that contributed to my choice, but it was mainly based on academics.”

Amore will be majoring in environmental science, and Vassar has an ecological preserve that she released will fit well with her degree choice.

Prior to her senior season, Amore traveled to different soccer camps to get a feel for the college level. That tour included a stop at her new home, Poughkeepsie.

“I did a three day camp on Vassar’s campus, so I got to stay and experience the school more,” Amore said. “The experience was kind of stressful, but I was having fun playing soccer. It was more relaxed than a one-day camp would have been.

Miller, a sweeper turned left-back, inked with a school a little closer to home in Wilson College. Wilson, a NCAA Division III college out of Chambersburg, Pa., recruited Miller out of her summer league.  

“My travel coach is the college coach at Wilson, so he introduced me to the program and gave me an offer,” Miller said.

Miller also had high praises for their science program, as she’s going to study environmental science as well.

“I hope that I can learn more about soccer, but also about what comes along with environmental science,” Miller said. “I’d like to get a specific idea of what I’d like to do in my major, because I’m not sure just yet, but I hope to narrow it down [in time] and continue playing soccer.”

Amore and Miller led the Patriots to an 11-7-3 overall record in their senior year, ending on a heartbreaking 2-0 loss at the hands of Hedgesville in the Region II title game. The two led the Patriots long before their senior year, as well, finding their groove in their sophomore year. Miller posted a suffocating defense while putting her only four shots on goal through 20 games, while Amore sank eight goals off of 54 shots on goal. Amore also posted five assists and 21 points in her second year.

One thing is for certain, their coach couldn’t be more proud of them.

“They’re both hard workers who put everything out there. They never gave you lip, and did what you asked them to do,” head coach Tim Michael said.

“I think they’ll have an adjustment period in college like everyone does, but I think they’ll be fine. After the first couple of weeks when they get into a routine, they’re going to be okay.

Both of them are heading in the right direction and doing the things they need to do. They’re excited about the next step in their lives, and that’s all you ask for as a coach – for them to keep playing and enjoying the game.”

Sports Editor

A West Virginia native and 2017 graduate of WVU, Andrew writes about local high school sports from his new home in Charles Town. He also covers Shepherd and his alma mater, while still finding time to rant about the Washington Redskins.

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