CHARLES TOWN – Although the Patriots found their first loss of the season heading into their final games of regulation play, the group is still making history and has a high chance of closing out the year with the Class AAA state title.  

Yet, for now, there are multiple accolades the team can hang their visors on – namely, multiple records have been matched, broken or are within a few girls’ grasps. 


The biggest record shake up comes as Kylie Condon. A lockdown corner and nightmare-inducing batter, Condon has been on the warpath in her senior year, already breaking one career and two season records, matching a career record and is on track to match or overcome more.  

Condon, currently holding 37 RBI, has broken the season record held by Alycia Lambert (33) during the April 18 doubleheader against Hampshire. She had three in Game 2 – the record setting game – and totaled four on the day. She has also shattered Caitlin Myers’ career RBI record (73), logging 85 so far through her varsity years.  

Condon has also broken the season home run record (4), picking up her fifth against John Marshall in Game 2 on Saturday. Her solo ringer may have landed outside the left field fence, but it also landed her in the record book for career home runs, matching Myers’ seven. 

The season record was formerly held by Lambert, Mikayla Willingham and Sophie Crowder.

Condon and Ruffner both hold seven doubles, close to matching the season record set by Caitlin Myers at 12. Myers also holds the career double record with 28, and Condon is five away from matching that. 

Condon (4), Katie Dubyak (4) and Brittany Cenate (3) are chasing the season triple record of five. They would match three former players: Curry, Lambert and Myers. Condon is two triples away from matching the career record of 12.  

Finally, Condon is currently batting .547, higher than the season record held by Christina Collins at .524. Her current career record is .469, higher than the all-time record held by Amber Curry (.453).


On the hill, Taylor Cenate is the closest to matching her own season win record (14) with an 8-1 record thus far. She holds the career win record as well, holding 29 before the 2019 season. She currently has the highest wins on the team.  

Cenate also holds the season win/loss percentage record of 82 percent. Her current win/loss percentage is 88 percent, while Jordyn Brown (7-0) and Hannah Ruffner (6-0) are still sitting at perfect records.  

Devin Williams currently holds the career win/loss record at 52 percent.  

Cenate’s last record is her 1.90 ERA season mark. Currently, all three Patriot pitchers are besting that. However, Brown is leading the troupe with a .382 ERA. 

Williams holds the career ERA record with a 3.08. 

Williams also holds the all-time record for strikeouts, locking down the season total (140) and career total (325). 

Only time will tell if more records will be broken, but the board in the Washington athletics hall should look quite different in the coming months.


Sports Editor

A West Virginia native and 2017 graduate of WVU, Andrew writes about local high school sports from his new home in Charles Town. He also covers Shepherd and his alma mater, while still finding time to rant about the Washington Redskins.

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