Above, Avrin McGinnis and Hannah Hill are seen. Both are soccer players kicking for the football team at Washington High School.


Hannah Hill And Avrin McGinnis are getting a double-dose of kicking when it comes to athletics at Washington High School.

The senior pair, already members of the Patriots’ girls’ soccer team, decided to lend their kicking skills this year to Washington’s football team. 

Hill specializes in extra points and field goals. McGinnis tees the ball up for kickoff chores.

Both are settling into their respective routines very nicely so far. Hill kicked a pair of field goals for Washington in a season-opening, 20-0, win over Hedgesville on Thursday, Aug. 26 at Terry L. Marcus Stadium.

Hill converted on kicks of 24 and 25 yards. McGinnis had six kickoffs against the Eagles.

“It was a little bit of deer-in-the-headlights for them at the beginning,” Washington football coach Glen Simpson said. “This was a whole new culture to them, different, but they are soaking it up. They are excited about what they are doing. They have their own lanes.”

Hill and McGinnis are recent additions to Washington’s football team. They attend both practices, as required of all athletes wanting to play varsity sports. 

“They come a little early, before practice starts,” Simpson said “We work with them on their kicks.”

Of course, the biggest difference for the pair is adjusting back and forth between a round sphere and the oblong ball. “You adjust the angle of where you kick the ball off the side of your foot,” Hill, a striker on the Washington girls soccer team, said, adding it means more power from the leg when kicking the football.”

Having soccer players pulling double-duty as place-kickers on a school’s football is not all that unusual. It’s happened around the country, although some high school athletic associations restrict athletes to one sport per season.

Jefferson County has no such restrictions, good news for Hill, McGinnis and Simpson.

“Coach Michael has been very gracious, working with us,” Simpson said of Washington girls’ soccer coach Tim Michael said. “Hannah and Avrin are great players.”

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WASHINGTON’S FOOTBALL TEAM seemed poised to make a strong on the road at Spring Mills on Friday, anticipating a tight game against a rebuilding Cardinals’ squad.

But that game never happened.

Just days before the game was to have taken place, the game was canceled and the Patriots had to forfeit the game to Spring Mills. School officials gave no reason for the cancellation.

The loss drops Washington to 1-1 on the year. The Patriots are scheduled to go on the road to Frankfort at 7 p.m. on Friday before returning home to host Independence High School, of Ashburn, Virginia.

Simpson did not comment on any of the circumstances regarding the cancellation of the game, but he did offer hope moving forward.

“I just hope our team is well and we play as many games as possible,” Simpson said in a text message response.


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