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Nancy Pelosi said she undertook impeachment "prayerfully," and apparently what she was praying was that she could get it over with as soon as possible. 
The House is preparing to send a flagrantly incomplete factual record to the Senate as the basis of an effort to remove a sitting president for the first time in our history. 
Pelosi has affected a posture of heavy-heartedness since the outset of the process, saying that "there's no joy in this" and urging a somber spirit as Democrats pursue the facts wherever they may take them -- so long as that's not too far into an election year. 

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If the impeachment effort isn't taking the nation by storm, the Democrats have an answer -- blame it on Latin. The use of a Latin term, quid pro quo, is now thought to be a damper on the impeachment cause because it sounds complex and technical.

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Looking at the Harpers Ferry election case over the past few weeks, it appears that the petitioners who brought a lawsuit against half of the town's council after their decision to not count four ballots due to clerical errors, are winning on a couple of fronts — for the time being.

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Dear Community,

The 17th annual American Conservation Film Festival was held October 4 to 6 and 11 to 13 in Shepherdstown, WV, and we just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made it our most successful festival yet. Read more

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An article in an earlier edition of the Spirit of Jefferson shared some details about the life of Justice Taylor, a young man who recently died behind the Community Ministries building. Those details may well have been unsettling to many readers and I understand that. This was a difficult in…

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On Thursday, the Jefferson County Commission will meet in a special session to consider local funding of the MARC train. Governor Justice has indicated that he would be willing to consider funding MARC service through June 2020 if county and municipal governments from Jefferson and Berkeley …


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Jefferson County’s tourism business is booming. We lead the state in tourism dollars and taxes. We have been blessed with natural gifts that are renowned worldwide and we welcome over a million visitors every year. The clear view of the Blue Ridge comes to mind as well as two famous rivers t…