I recently joined six other ladies to drive to New Your City to engage in a peaceful demonstration at Climate Week NYC. As members of the newly formed Concerned Citizens Against Rockwool Ranson, we thought it would be appropriate to protest the building of a new Rockwool plant here in Jefferson County.  

Against our belief in what is considered “green” or environmentally friendly, Rockwool was a  platinum sponsor at Climate Week NYC. Myself, the six ladies I drove up with, nine others that drove up separately were on the streets of NYC to protest that Rockwool is anywhere close to being a “green” company.

How can Rockwool consider themselves a “green” company when their insulation factory will spew at lest 150000 tons of pollutants annually. Google “green business” and you will find “green businesses are socially and environmentally responsible.  Green companies adopt principles and practices that protect people and the planet” and other similar definitions.

So we went to NYC to inform others that were attending Climate Week what Rockwool is proposing for Jefferson County.  

Rockwool plans to burn coal and fracked gas, operate 24/7/365, emit tons of pollutants; create constant, heavy truck traffic and nighttime light pollution. All directly across the street of an elementary school and two miles from three other schools. And all of this on top of fragile topography.

Almost all attendees at Climate Week greeted us openly and were interested in engaging with us in dialogue. The most disappointing part was when those of my group who had advance registration were not allowed into a Rockwool event. One of our members had just received her pass, mine was being handed to me when the four of us were asked to move into an office area where we were told we would not be allowed into this event because the room was already filled.  

I found this interesting since there were approximately 100 passes still on the table (and being issued) when we were receiving ours. I did not see anyone else picking up passes being turned away.

Make of that what you will. Myself, my new 14 friends and over 11,500 CCAR members have no problem saying, “Rockwool, you have no place here in Jefferson County. You may recycle water and your end product may help in reducing the cost of heating and cooling buildings, but until you can produce your product in a ‘green’ manner you have no place here in Jefferson County. Please leave.”

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