CHARLES TOWN —Everett “Ed” Boober’s life and times were honored by a church filled with many friends and colleagues, reflecting each stage of his life. Boober, 80, died on August 12.

A “Celebration of Life” ceremony was held Saturday in Asbury United Methodist Church where Boober was a dedicated congregant. Pastor Bill Ball of Arden United Methodist Church in Martinsburg, conducted the service, substituting for Asbury’s minister Duane Jensen. Jensen had a death in his own family.

Ball told those present that Jensen said he admired Boober’s love for his family and friends.

“He also said he admired Ed’s strength and courage during the last months of his illness,” Ball said.

Boober’s four years of service in the United States Air Force were honored in a moving flag ceremony. Representatives from the Air Force, in full uniform, unfurled the American flag, folded it slowly into a triangle then presented it to Boober’s wife Gail. It was followed by “Taps” being played.

Members of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department and other law enforcement personnel marched into the church, forming lines along the walls of both sides of the sanctuary. They went to attention and saluted at different times during the service. The hymn, “Amazing Grace,” called a Hero’s Farewell in the program, was played on the bagpipes by Chris Jackson.

Boober had a long career in law enforcement. He was a member of the Washington, D.C. Police Department for 21 years, retiring with the rank of lieutenant in 1986; he was the police chief of Ranson; elected to two terms as Jefferson County Sheriff; and interim police chief at Shepherd University.

Friend and colleague Jesse Jones gave the eulogy. He told those assembled that he always loved Boober’s sense of humor.

“I wanted to put some humor in my remarks,” he said.

He told of a 2005 trip he took with Boober and some other friends to Canada. He remarked that their  accommodations were infested with mice. The group began snacking on peanuts only to discover those nuts were part of a trap for the mice.  

He said Boober was responsible for many improvements to the sheriff’s department, including pay increases and better technology.

“He got me my first computer,” Jones said. “I said I’ll get work done as soon as I figure out how to turn it on.”

On a more serious note, he said Boober and Gail were there for him when his father died in 2007. He began to get choked up when he spoke about their compassion and their support for him at that time.

Those at the ceremony gave a prayer of thanksgiving in unison that included the phrase, “On this day, we praise you (God) for Ed.”

Boober requested two songs be played at his funeral. One was, “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” sung by Vince Gill, with the chorus, “Go rest high on that mountain, ‘Cause son your work on earth is done, Go to heaven a-shoutin’, Love for the Father and the Son.”

The second song requested was, “Jealous of the Angels,” sung by Donna Taggart. The lyrics include, “There will be another angel, Around the throne tonight, Your love lives on inside of me, And I will hold on tight, It’s not my place to question, Only God knows why, I’m just jealous of the angels, Around the throne tonight.”

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