Hillsboro officials overseeing the Route 9 project said construction could begin as early as January. The project is estimated to be complete in 12 to 14 months.

BERRYVILLE, Va. – Virginia Department of Transportation officials plan to adopt traffic changes for commuters who use U.S. 340 and Route 7 at Berryville, Va., to bypass a yearlong construction project on Route 9 in Hillsboro, Va., starting early next year. 
Hillsboro officials overseeing the Route 9 project said construction could begin as early as January. The project is estimated to be complete in 12 to 14 months.
Except for about 60 days when Route 9 will be completely closed to traffic through Hillsboro during later stages of the project, town officials plan to keep a thoroughfare open during weekday morning and evening rush hours. 
 Construction on the Route 9 project will be limited from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Extra traffic congestion or delays are still anticipated, however.
U.S. 340 to Berryville, Va., and Route 7 west in Clarke County are expected to be alternate routes for many Jefferson County commuters who now use Route 9 to travel to Northern Virginia. 
Here’s what those commuters and area motorists should know, according to VDOT officials.
U.S. 340 and Va. 7 intersection. Left turn movements from U.S. 340 south onto Va. 7 east and U.S. 340 north onto Va. 7 west will become a “flashing yellow” signal. This will allow left-turning vehicles to proceed after yielding to oncoming traffic when the oncoming traffic has a green signal indication. 
Westbound Va. 7 off ramp at U.S. 340. The ramp off Va. 7 at U.S. 340 will be widened to two lanes. This change will allow continuous right turns onto U.S. 340 north to alleviate traffic congestion on the ramp during evening peak-hour traffic, according to VDOT. 
Rt. 612 closed to rush-hour traffic. Access to Rt. 612/Shepherds Mill Road will be restricted to local traffic during rush-hour periods. This change is designed to avoid “cut-through” traffic on the two-lane roadway, VDOT officials report. 
U.S. 340 southbound traffic will be prevented from turning left onto Rt. 612/Shepherds Mill Road during the morning rush hour. Westbound Va. 7 traffic will be prevented from turning onto the roadway during evening rush hours. 
VDOT officials reported that extra police patrols will be scheduled to enforce speed limits and monitor traffic flows along U.S. 340 and Route 7 during construction. 
The Route 9 construction project involves building two single-lane roundabout traffic intersections at each traffic entrance to Hillsboro. One roundabout will be built at Route 9 and Hillsboro Road, at other at Route 9 and Stony Point Road. Various town utilities extending under the roadway will also be upgraded as part of the project. 
The two-lane roadway carries about 17,000 daily trips, Hillsboro and Virginia highway officials report.

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