Shepherdstown – The Shepherdstown Public Library Board of Trustees announced that on July 28, a construction contract between Shepherdstown Public Library and low bidder Doyle Construction was signed by Library Board President Terrence Kramer and Doyle Construction Vice President and Project Executive Michael Doyle, Jr.

Of the six prequalified contractors who bid on this project, Doyle Construction was found to be the low bidder at the bid opening held on June 30.

A meeting of key project staff was held at the offices of Doyle Construction in early July to discuss the project and elements of the contract.

On July 28, during a special session, the Library’s Board of Trustees, at the recommendation of the Building Committee, unanimously approved execution of the contract. Library Director Hali Taylor is “thrilled to welcome Doyle Construction to the Shepherdstown Public Library Project. We have worked hard as a community to arrive at this point, and the team from Doyle is ready and eager to move our exciting concept to a beautiful and longanticipated reality. We can’t wait to get started!”

For this project, Doyle Construction has named Kevin Tarantino as Project Manager. Tarantino has over 20 years of experience with public sector construction – from preconstruction to project completion. His experience includes library projects, such as the Elkridge Library and 50+ Center in Howard County, MD and the Wheaton Library and Community Recreation Center for Montgomery County, MD. Says Kevin, “Doyle Construction is honored to be awarded the Shepherdstown Public Library Project. We are excited to partner with the Library’s Board of Trustees and project architects Alexander Design Studio to deliver this modern and innovative building for the community of Shepherdstown to enjoy for years to come.”

Construction of the new library will begin in late August. Completion of the project will take anywhere between 8 to 12 months.

In addition to Kevin, Doyle has assembled an amazing team of professionals for this project. A “Meet the Team” celebration – an opportunity for the community to meet the building contractors and subcontractors – will be held onsite on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 1:30 pm.

From Board President Terry Kramer, “It is personally thrilling to finally ink the contract with Doyle Construction Company and begin construction. Building the new Library has been the primary goal and highest priority of the Library Board of Trustees for many years. It has taken many people, institutions, actions ... and, of course, years to bring us to this point. We live in a special, diverse community that needs and deserves a modern library that will provide critical access to information, communications, and meeting spaces. Special thanks to all the library donors whose contributions made this achievement possible. Your generosity will support and nurture the local population for decades to come.” Gifts for the new library project can be made in person, by mail, or online at

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