Martinsburg man allegedly batters former Ranson girlfriend

A Martinsburg man allegedly broke into his former girlfriend’s Ranson home last Friday night and battered the woman over several hours, according to court records.  

Police reported that they went to the home about 9:36 a.m. last Saturday while responding to a breaking and entering 911 call. The front door of the home on Old Leetown Pike was found kicked open. 

Joseph Gene McDaniel, 29, of the 1200 block of Grapevine Road in Martinsburg was found inside the home, which was smashed from physical damage with blood also splattered on the floor and walls, according to police. 

McDaniel, who police reported had been previously charged with trespassing after being warned to stay away from the home, was arrested. His former girlfriend, Lindsey Kern, was discovered, after police followed fresh footprints in the snow, hiding behind an above-ground pool in the back yard.  

Kern had “visible injuries” that included “cuts all over her face, swollen eyes and dried blood on her forehead,” reported Ranson Patrolman Jacob Swartz. 

Afterward, Kern told police that McDaniel allegedly broke into the house sometime the previous evening “and had been beating her since then,” Swartz wrote in a criminal complaint. The alleged battery included McDaniel stomping on Kern’s head and face with his feet and throwing things inside the home on top of her. 

Kern was taken to Jefferson Medical Center for her injuries, where she again stated how McDaniel attacked her.

Swartz estimated that $2,500 worth of damage was done to the Kern’s residence. 

McDaniel, who had pleaded not guilty, faces felony charges of burglary, malicious wounding and destruction of property and misdemeanor charges of battery, trespassing and obstructing a police officer. 

On Monday afternoon he was held without bond at the Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg while awaiting a preliminary hearing in Jefferson County Magistrate Court.

Walmart argument leads to assault charge

An argument between two men inside a Walmart pharmacy in Charles Town on Dec. 30 escalated into a confrontation where a wooden board, a knife and a gun were brandished in the store’s parking lot, according to court documents.

Rickey Dwayne Huff, 53, of Silverwood Drive in Ranson, faces a misdemeanor charge of assault after the altercation. 

After talking with Huff and the other man involved, identified only as William Elliott, after reviewing security footage at the store and after talking with the store’s employees, police determined that Huff was the “aggressor” in the confrontation, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jefferson County Magistrate Court.

Police determined that Huff approached Elliott in the parking lot after the verbal argument in the checkout line at the pharmacy. 

Huff allegedly pulled the knife after approaching Elliott in the parking lot and exchanging words with Elliott, according to police. 

According a police officer’s description of videotape recording of the Walmart parking lot confrontation, Elliott first defended himself in the parking lot by grabbing and displaying the 2 by 4 wooden board from the storage bed of his pickup truck. Afterward, Huff allegedly displayed a knife. In turn, Elliot brandished what appeared to be a handgun.

The police officer’s description of the videotape allegedly was consistent with statements Huff and Elliott allegedly gave police afterward.

Last week police charged Huff with misdemeanor assault, a charge that can involve someone causing another person—by threats or actions—to feel afraid of imminent violence. A conviction for misdemeanor assault carries a penalty of up to six months in jail, a fine up to $100, or both.

Huff has pleaded not guilty. 

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