Connie Balukoff

Connie Balukoff is one of the Jefferson County teachers who will have her work on display at the Fire Hall Gallery on Friday.

CHARLES TOWN – Eleven talented artists employed as art teachers in Jefferson County will put some of their best work on public display starting Friday.

It’s the first-ever such exhibit for the Jefferson Arts Council, and JAC leaders will host a free opening reception this weekend at the Fire Hall Gallery.

Organizers of the show say this is the first time the art teachers have had the opportunity to exhibit their personal art work and provide examples of the high quality of artistic achievement they possess.

JAC leader Liz Goins had the idea for the show and reached out to art teachers to put the show together.

The Jefferson County Art Teachers Exhibition will remain on display through Nov. 18 at the art gallery inside Rouss Hall at 108 N. George St.

The artists/teachers taking part in the exhibit include Sarah DeAnna, Allison Meley, Connie Balukoff, Laura Miller, Amanda Groff, Emily Cumberland, Lisa Patterson, Loretta Ober, Sam Nelson, Allison Meley and Malcolm Hally.

The show will feature pieces in a variety of mediums and will show off techniques and subject matter that, according to a news release, “demonstrate the vitality and depth of the work of our local teachers.”

The opening reception set for 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday will offer the public the chance to meet the artists.

The JAC is a member-based art organization devoted to providing opportunities in the arts for the entire community through exhibits, concerts, workshops and more. It also supports art activities in public schools and other organizations.

The JAC shares the gallery space with the Washington Street Artists’ Cooperative. Shepherd University professor Dow Benedict, a JAC board member, is in charge of the council’s gallery shows put on every other month in the gallery.

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