SUMMIT POINT – A 31-year-old man “just snapped and lost it” just before fatally shooting bystander in the head outside a Summit Point home during an argument with a woman early Monday, according to police and a charging document.

Jeremy Seth Newkirk, a resident in the 300 block of Wood End Farm Lane in Summit Point, is charged with the first-degree murder of 27-year-old John “Jay” Wilson.

Wilson, who is possibly a Maryland or a Louisiana resident, died from a gunshot to the head at about 7:55 a.m. on Monday after an ambulance crew rushed him in critical condition from the Summit Point home to Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson, police reported.

About four hours earlier, a Sheriff’s Office deputy, while responding to 911 calls of a shooting at Newkirk’s Summit Point home, reportedly found Wilson lying on his back in the driveway of the residence, with blood pooled around his head.

Wilson had what police described as a gunshot wound to his head.

Newkirk allegedly told a 911 dispatcher and later police that he shot a man, identified as Wilson, during an argument he had with a woman he lived with. The woman was identified in court documents as Grace Grantham.

“A woman and her young child were trying to leave the residence after an argument with Jeremy Newkirk,” according to a statement issued by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. “She had called the victim to ask him to pick her up from the residence. Evidence and statements show that the young woman and her child were loading their belongings into the victim’s vehicle when Newkirk shot the victim.”

Newkirk allegedly told the dispatcher that he would wait on his front porch for police to arrive. The deputy who arrived said he found Newkirk there with his hands in the air. He did not resist his arrest.

Police found a black firearm among some trees near the home that they believe Newkirk used in the shooting.

After the shooting, Grantham drove away with her 4-year-old son and then called police for help. She told police she and Newkirk had begun to argue Sunday evening. After their argument escalated, she sent a message to Wilson, a friend, and he agreed to take her and her son away.

When Wilson arrived, he initially waited in his vehicle. “Grantham and Newkirk began to bring out personal belongings to the vehicle,” according to a criminal compliant filed in Jefferson County Magistrate Court. “Wilson exited the vehicle to help load up Grantham’s belongings.”

“At this time,” the criminal complaint continued, “Newkirk walked around the vehicle, stated ‘You think you’re leaving, think again’ and fired a shot hitting Wilson.”

Police said they interviewed Newkirk, who allegedly admitted he shot Wilson without being threatened by him. That’s when Newkirk reportedly said he “just snapped and lost it” as his reason for the fatal shooting.

Newkirk is being held without bail at the Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg.

According to police, Wilson was believed to be living in Maryland, but he also had a Louisiana driver’s license that listed his residence in Monroe, La.


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