Bondy Shay Gibson

Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Bondy Shay Gibson

CHARLES TOWN – The Jefferson County school board approved a calendar for the coming school year set to begin on Sept. 8 amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

School officials are still working on a plan to safely reopen school buildings with a combination of classroom and online instruction options for students and parents.

Superintendent Bondy Shay Gibson said school administrators welcome emailed comments and suggestions.

Gibson said the calendar the school board approved Monday accommodates the 180 days of annual instruction required by state law. However, some school days that count toward the 180-day instruction mandate are shortened to allow for coronavirus safety measures and cleaning, including some phased schedules for social distancing.

Gov. Jim Justice directed public schools across the state to open the day after Labor Day, three weeks later than county officials had planned.

Nevertheless, the approved calendar maintains classroom time off for standard holidays. Those include three days off for Thanksgiving in November, eight days off for Christmas through New Year’s Day in December and early January, and seven days for a spring break in April. Days off for Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day were also preserved.  

The last instruction day for students is set for next May 28, just before the Memorial Day weekend.

Teachers will first report to schools on Aug. 24 to begin planning to open classrooms and buildings with many new coronavirus precautions. Their last workday for the school year is June 7.

The school board also set Sunday, May 23, as the date for awarding diplomas for the graduating Class of 2021. School officials are still working on scheduling ceremonies postponed for this year’s graduating seniors because of the coronavirus.

View the calendar posted on a link at the top of the school district’s home page at


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