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CHARLES TOWN — A Shannondale man allegedly attempted to pull a loaded pistol on a Charles Town police officer during a security patrol on Saturday, according to a criminal court document.

Patrolman Todd Kent responded about 1:30 p.m. to a parking lot at a Jefferson Security Bank office on West Washington Street in Charles Town for a report of a man slumped over the steering wheel of a sport utility vehicle, according to a Jefferson County Magistrate Court criminal complaint.

What follows is Kent’s account he wrote in a criminal complaint.  

Kent found a Chevy Suburban stopped in the bank’s parking lot with the driver’s door open. A man’s feet were hanging out of the vehicle.

“The male appeared to be under the influence of drugs,” Kent reported. “The male appeared unresponsive. I lightly shook the male and he appeared to wake up and nod off again.”

Kent called for an ambulance to determine whether the man needed medical assistance for a possible drug overdose. The officer also noticed a digital weighing scale in the vehicle’s driver’s side door pocket.

The man, who slowly began responding to Kent’s directions, was identified as Richard Brent Collum, 35, of Curve Road in Shannondale.

“At this time, the male [Collum] attempted to reach for an item in his right pocket,” Kent wrote in the complaint. “The male was ordered not to reach for anything.”

After an emergency medical crew arrived, Collum reportedly reached for a pistol in his pants pocket while stepping out of the vehicle. “The male positioned himself in a manner where his arms and body were attempting to conceal the right side of his body from my view,” Kent wrote.

Just as Collum’s right hand reached the pistol, Kent grabbed Collum’s wrist and the pistol. The officer took the gun and placed Collum in handcuffs.

“The firearm was loaded with one round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine,” Kent wrote.

According to the criminal complaint, a review of Collum’s criminal record determined he had “numerous felony drug convictions” from Pinellas County, Florida, and a grand larceny conviction in Jefferson County. Collum was also reportedly sought in a warrant related to a probation violation in Jefferson County.

The pistol was confiscated. A Xanax pill, a glass device “typically used to smoke meth” and a glass pipe typically used to smoke crack cocaine were found in the pocket of the driver’s side door, Kent reported.

A “pill cutter” device was also allegedly discovered in the Suburban.

 Collum faces a misdemeanor drug possession charge and a felony charge of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

A conviction for the felony weapon charge carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

Collum was released on bond from the Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg while awaiting a court hearing.

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