Fellow Jefferson Countians, I beg you not to vote for any local politician who refuses to speak up and help us rid ourselves of the Rockwool stink bomb which has been dropped in our midst.  If allowed to continue, this project, which was conceived in secrecy by treacherous politicians, will change our lives forever.  Our children will be poisoned and have their intellectual growth stunted. Their parents and grandparents will have their health impacted by early onset of heart problems and cancer. I know of what I speak because I come from the Kanawha Valley and have family suffering with cancer, asthma and early onset heart problems.

Fortunately, we in the Eastern Panhandle do have a choice.  In District 67 we have John Doyle running for House of Delegates.  I’ve known John for some time. I first met him during his earlier service in the Legislature and I have personally experienced how he works on behalf of his Eastern Panhandle constituents.  While I was living in Charleston I approached him to seek his help in stopping mountaintop removal. Before I could begin to explain the evils of this destructive mining form, he lobbied me about the needs of the Eastern Panhandle, specifically the need for locality pay for teachers and state employees.

John Doyle has been with Jefferson County Vision folks at every hearing along the way. He has spoken out in support of our efforts to stop Rockwool.  

We need to send him back to Charleston to seek justice for those of us who live so far away that we’re often forgotten. No more!  John has a loud voice with which to bring justice and fair treatment for our part of the state.

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